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PHENOMENA, an Immersive Adventure company, launches in Montréal


PHENOMENA, an Immersive Adventure company, launches as an independent entity after development and incubation for the past year within Zone3.

Award-winning Augmented and Virtual Reality pioneers Awane Jones, Bassil Silim Jones, , Frédéric Guarino and Charles-Eliott Miran have partnered together, with the mission to create Immersive Spectacles: “A Format Where You are The Movie”. Canada Media Fund is supporting PHENOMENA in its development phase through its Experimental Stream program, Québecor is also a partner in this phase. Others will be announced shortly.

Awane Jones, CEO of PHENOMENA: “There is pent up demand for groundbreaking content for people to enjoy as a shared experience in a location. People want to do something else other than binge watch Netflix or play video games at home. We feel that immersive journeys are the the logical next step. PHENOMENA’s goal is to commercialize its first Immersive Spectacle in Montréal in 2019 and then export globally.”


Frédéric Guarino