The Phenomena Immersive VR Center welcomes companies to come as a social gathering to try out our virtual reality experiences! Conveniently situated near corporate areas in Montreal, our games support team building and collaboration bringing another element of fun. 


Are there special rates, if we wanted to have a corporate rates?

Yes! We offer a special discount for companies to host any corporate events/team-building activities. Just hit us up at


How many people can fit into the Immersive Center?

Since the immersive center hosts several experiences, we can cater up to 50 people.


Why should we book you?

Because we offer a cutting-edge experience for your team that rises above the rest. We deliver in an inexpensive experience that will lead to your party being immersed into our experiences.


Are you guys able to come to our offices?

At this moment, we don’t offer on-location VR experiences due to the cutting-edge technology attached to our centers and experiences.