Versus is an immersive laser tag virtual reality game. The Premium Free Roaming at low cost using the latest in Virtual Reality technology. Transform your VR arcade into a premium location and compete with million-dollars warehouse scale arcades at low cost. Prepare to experience laser tag virtual reality game like never before.


Fits any size

Adjust maps to your current available space : 5mx5m, 6mx6m, 6mx9m, 7mx7m, 8mx8m


Multiplayer Configurations

Perfect for groups from 2 to 6 : 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3


Easy Onboarding

Super intuitive gameplay makes onboarding simple. Perfect for beginners.


Low Hardware Cost

You only need 2 to 4 Oculus Quest (retails at $499) and a basic PC as server.


Easy setup

Get set-up in less than an hour. Our OS system help you game sessions (rounds, session time, players, devices…)