Versus is our take on Laser Tag, using innovative VR technology. It pits 4 players against each other in a 2 vs 2 team deathmatch battle. Highest Score wins. Versus is a location based game, meaning you have to travel to one of our Phenomena arcade locations to experience it.

How it works

The technology in laser tag has not changed for what seems like forever. However, it still brings in customers that always have a fun time. I would like to reboot the game with modern technology and game concepts learned over the past decades. I believe this will be a smash hit.

As a player in the game, you have a blaster in one hand, and a multi-tool in the other. The blaster works just like a blaster would in laser tag, and the multi-tool is an off hand item that transforms into various objects and abilities based on which power ups you pick up.

Prepare for battle, in VERSUS.