Versus is the next generation of Laser Tag. The technology behind Laser Tag has been long due for an update. Using the latest in Virtual Reality technology, we are doing just that. Prepare to experience Laser Tag like never before.


Team Battle

Red vs. Blue. In Versus’ first gamemode, Team Battle, 4 players are pitted against each other in teams of 2. The rules are simple; a 10 minute battle where the highest score wins. Play best of one, three, or five rounds to see which team reigns supreme.

More gamemodes are coming soon.



Versus runs on the newest standalone VR headsets, including the Oculus Quest and Vive Focus Plus. These wireless headsets allow multiple players to share an environment, running, dodging, and playing together in a way previously impossible in Virtual Reality.




You will be equipped with a V-99 blaster. This standard issue pistol is outfitted with a high energy photon core and automatic cooling system. It may not be the most powerful weapon, but its reliable and easy to use.


In contrast to your simple blaster, you’ve also been equipped with some extremely advanced technology. The X9 Modular Multi-Tool. This state of the art device transforms when fed an data module. Gather a data module and watch as the tool transforms before you, giving you an edge in combat. The Multi-Tool can tranform using the following modules.

Photon Barrier

Protect yourself and your team with this anti-energy, hand-held barrier. This module uses little energy while idle, but will deplete everytime it is hit.

Giga Beam

The Giga-Beam is a focused stream of photons that will shred your opponents to atoms. It uses a great amount of energy so make sure to aim it correctly. Caution; Avoid all contact with eyes.


Stasis Field

Once a forgotten module, the Stasis Field has suddenly resurfaced. It was created by an alien race with a unique understanding of space time. Use it to generate a field that can slow the speed of light to a near halt.


Regeneration Pod

In the arena, death is no longer permanent. If you fall in combat, your biological signature remains in a transportable translucent form. Move this signature into a Regeneration Pod and your physical form will be returned to you, good as new.



Prepare for battle, in VERSUS.