My friends – There is something not quite right with Virtual Reality. Everyone who plays it agrees it is something special yet why isn’t it in every home where people are playing for hours like in the movie Real Player One?


My partners Bassil and Charles and I have been thinking about this problem for a long time. One day it dawned on us that every medium out there; Radio, TV and Video games went through a period of social consumption (At a location). Think people going to a bar listening to the fight from Maddison Square Garden on the radio in the 1930s. Or playing your first video game at an arcade in the ‘80s. (yes I am old)

In short, VR skipped a step.

We felt we needed to start with location-based entertainment. (On location experiences). We looked at the incredible “free-roam” experiences from companies such as the Void, Dreamscape, and Sandbox. They are great! However, the VR prices are expensive, the throughput is low, and there is no replayability (you won’t go back after) And worse yet, there are less than 30 locations globally claiming to have “premium VR content”.

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So what about the arcades? And better yet what about the people going to these arcades expecting high quality free roam experiences. Exactly.

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That is the mission of Phenomena. To bring high-quality VR experiences to the near 4,000 arcades globally at an affordable rate. For a very small investment, any arcade owner can now get a premium VR experience from PHENOMENA that will make their customers happy and keep them coming back for more. Our brand promise is to deliver high-quality low-cost content that is easy to set up in different area spaces. 

Roam scale content gets old quickly. Not much difference between what you can experience here and what you can get for your home.

We need to do better than this if we want people to keep coming back. Also, there is not much difference between these VR games and the ones you can get for your home.

Why should only companies that have raised millions of dollars to be the ones that monopolize these formats? We want every entertainment center to have a premium virtual reality experience where people can play in groups at an affordable price. We believe this is a small step in the direction of making VR more accessible. Check out the video below and email me if you have any questions or comments my friends.

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